Legacy — stop.reset. Symposium Series Part 1 of 2

Arts Incubator

April 28, 2015

In stop.reset, Alex Ames, an African-American publisher of books, is looking for someone to whom he can pass on his legacy. He is concerned with how he will be remembered. Historically, books have been the vessels of memory, what will hold memory in the future? How can we move forward if we have no real appreciation of ancestry and legacy? Have we become watchers rather than doers, on the sidelines videotaping life? Is the phone the portal to the soul? Can you make art with it?

Moderator: Lee Bey

• Tracie Hall, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events
• Khari B., President of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians
• Mwata Bowden, musician, Khari B.’s father
• Ayana Contreras, Arts Incubator Artist in Residence

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